The decision: Job Creator or Job Seeker????

Looking at these two terms “ job creators or job seekers”, what comes in your mind first?

Which one of these will you choose for yourself? It’s a question to be asked, everyone. Well for everyone it should be an entrepreneur.

To become an entrepreneur isn’t that easy. The dream of many is to become an entrepreneur but very few touches that success. Looking for a few that tasted that success is Flipkart, Patym, book my show. They loved and followed their dream.

To be a job seeker isn’t that hard compared to entrepreneur. India is a country where many are job seeker rather than an entrepreneur. To be an entrepreneur you must take a calculative risk and have potential. Just you have to choose your right path.

Benefits of becoming an entrepreneur:

  • The most obvious benefit is that you will be your own boss.
  • You can take your own decisions.
  • You become a risk taker.
  • Flexibility in your decision.
  • You will have unexpected growth and development.
  • Thrilling experience.
  • Will boost your self-confidence.

Factors to be kept in mind:

  • Deep knowledge of the chosen sector.
  • Experience is knowledge.
  • Family support is vital.
  • Should be financially healthy.
  • Management skills.
  • Motivation.


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