Time Changes


Everyone have a question in their mind that how to remain constant  with respect to time. If we are happy or if we win then we desire that it could  remain in same state as it is. Can it be happen? We always ask this question because we have heard that time changes but we never told ourselves that only time changes, state does not changes without any action.One entertainment news or fact is that “Time wait for none”.

A great example is infront of us , the victory of Congress in elections. BJP wanted to remain constant want to setup their government again but it could not be happened just because of their few wrong steps. No one can estimate the future. All we have in our hand is our struggle,work and passion. We always work according to our passion and we have to struggle for our good future response. If you are saying that you are good and happy then you can never achieve anything because your mind will always tell you that you do not have to do anything because you are happy with your present state.

In our world everything is related to time. We are working just to get money and power and we follow our passion to get happiness. We must know that time is money and money is power. If you have money and power both and if you did well you will be happy.

If you want to make your future better and you want to make your victories constant then start from today because your future is created by today not tomorrow.

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